Camo NATO Watch Straps: 8 Different Stylish Looks

Camouflage and military watch straps were made to go together! That’s why we created a number of camo print NATO watch straps for our collection here at WatchBandit.

Here is a look at the eight different designs we’re currently featuring:

  1. Camo 1 NATO Strap. This watch strap features a muted olive drab and brown motif with polished stainless steel hardware. The camo is a classic design with regular patterning.
  2. Camo 2 NATO Strap. This look combines chocolate brown with emerald green and burnt orange in a classic camo pattern. The hardware is polished stainless steel.
  3. Camo 3 NATO Strap. Chocolate brown, beige and green come together in the look of this classic camo print. Like Camo 1 and 2, this strap features polished stainless steel hardware.
  4. Camo 4 NATO Strap. Another strap with polished stainless steel hardware, this design brings to life a desert camo print in tones of beige and medium brown.
  5. Camo 5 NATO Strap. The darkest of our camo straps, this look features tones of dark brown and forest green and is finished with polished stainless steel hardware.
  6. Camo 6 NATO Strap. This strap has the same colour scheme as Camo 1, but with a pixelated digital print. It is offered in polished stainless steel and black PVD plated.
  7. Camo 7 NATO Strap. This unique design features a sky blue camo print with stainless steel hardware.
  8. Camo 8 NATO Strap. Our brightest camo design, Number 8 features tones of gold, red, orange and beige, which all contrast with the polished stainless steel.

Which of the camouflage NATO watch straps is your favourite? Check out the nylon NATO strap range now and decide!

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