Capturing the Essence of the Sea: A Close Look at the ØSTERSØEN by Nordic Marine Instruments

Diving into the world of microbrand timepieces, the ØSTERSØEN (Now live on Kickstarter until September 6, 2023, at 15:59 CEST) from Nordic Marine Instruments is not just a wrist accessory; it’s a piece of Nordic waters born from a fusion of visionaries.

Founded by Mick Jelsdal Jørgensen and collaboratively crafted with the expertise of his his long-time work colleague Christopher Waluga from Watchbandit and the experience of Travis Tan from RZE Watches, the ØSTERSØEN collection has emerged as a result of Nordic heritage, creativity, innovation and a passion for microbrand watchmaking.

The success is unmistakable: The Kickstarter campaign reached its funding goal within 40 minutes and was over 200% funded after 48 hours, and the trend is increasing

With a limited-time super early bird offer for the first 100 pieces per color, this is a unique opportunity to secure a piece of this remarkable creation. Let’s delve into the story behind this timepiece that encapsulates the spirit of the Nordic sea using the example of the dark blue dial model “Havblå”, Danish for “sea blue”.

ØSTERSØEN Havblå on the wrist

Putting it on, the watch feels comfortable and flat on the wrist, thanks to the premium marine-grade stainless steel bracelet and only 11,9mm flat case. The tapering of the bracelet from 20mm to 16mm adds a nice touch of sophistication and the on-the-fly adjustment buckle makes it easy to adjust during the day for the perfect fit, more on that later.

The watch’s diamond-cut hands and indices are easy to read, and the absence of a date feature keeps the dial uncluttered and in perfect balance. The meticulous use of brushed and polished stainless steel gives the watch a great brilliance and reflection-play in the light.


ØSTERSØEN Havblå (wrist circumference: 7″ / 18cm)

The new ØSTERSØEN Havblå in detail

First things first, the dial design is simply mesmerizing. The wave pattern on the dial alludes to the Nordic sea’s ever-changing nature and it adds a touch of vibrant elegance to the finely reduced rest of the watch. The brushed and polished stainless steel surfaces give it a refined look, and the orange accents on the watch name and second hand pay a subtle tribute to maritime elements like buoys and lighthouses.


“MØRK” Black-Polishing Technique

Nordic Marine Instruments uses a special black-polishing technique for the ØSTERSØEN which they fondly call “MØRK”, Danish for “Dark”, using a fine diamond paste. The result? A surface that shines like a mirror, flawlessly reflecting the world around it. A particularly interesting detail is that the inner edge of the Lugs is black polished as well, a detail that you only know from brands such as Grand Seiko. The inner ring of the bezel is also polished, creating a beautiful mirror effect between the brushed surfaces.


Swiss Super-LumiNova

One standout feature is the use of Swiss Super-LumiNova BGW9 lume. It’s impressive how bright and long-lasting it is, making the watch easily readable even in low-light conditions. This is a great practical addition, especially for those moments when you need to check the time in the dark.


On-The-Fly Adjustment Buckle

Imagine having the ability to customize your watch’s fit without any hassle; That’s exactly what the On-The-Fly adjustment buckle offers. With just a simple press of a button, you can fine-tune the size of your watch bracelet, ensuring it’s snug and comfortable on your wrist. No need for tools or complicated adjustments, that lets you enjoy your ØSTERSØEN watch just the way you like it, effortlessly.



A simple push down on-the-fly adjustment system guarantees a quick change of your bracelet size

Japanese Miyota Premium Movement 90S5

The heart of the Nordic Marine Instruments ØSTERSØEN beats with the precision of the Miyota 90S5 Ultra-thin premium mechanical movement. This Japanese movement is known for its reliability and accuracy, making it a fitting choice for a timepiece that captures the essence of the Nordic sea.


The Miyota 90S5 is a self-winding movement, which means it harnesses the kinetic energy generated by your wrist’s movements to power the watch. This not only eliminates the need for frequent battery changes but also ensures that your ØSTERSØEN keeps ticking as long as you wear it. With 24 jewels and a power reserve of approximately 42 hours, the Miyota 90S5 guarantees consistent and smooth timekeeping. Its robust construction and precision engineering make it a trusted companion, reflecting Nordic Marine Instruments’ commitment to quality and functionality.


A simple, finely brushed caseback increases comfort and reduces the thickness of the watch compared to embossed caseback patterns

Simple Design creates versatility

The elegance of the ØSTERSØEN lies in its simplicity, a design that effortlessly transitions from formal to casual settings. This inherent versatility makes it the perfect canvas for various strap combinations. Whether you choose the timeless stainless steel bracelet or opt for a bold change like our blue tropical-style rubber strap, the ØSTERSØEN adapts seamlessly to your style, offering a multitude of looks to match any occasion.



In conclusion, the ØSTERSØEN is a true masterpiece that beautifully balances simplicity and sophistication. Its comfortable fit on the wrist, combined with the mesmerizing wave dial and meticulous case finishing, creates a watch that effortlessly captures light and attention.

What I appreciate about this watch is that it seamlessly blends aesthetics with functionality. It’s a versatile timepiece that can accompany you on various occasions, whether you’re exploring the outdoors or attending a formal event or just an elegant beach bar companion. Nordic Marine Instruments has indeed crafted a remarkable timepiece that celebrates the allure of the sea while bringing a touch of elegance to every adventure.

The ØSTERSØEN isn’t just about looks; it’s built with precision and attention to detail. The combination of Danish heritage, German attention to detail, Swiss lume, Japanese movement, and microbrand expertise from Singapore ensures a reliable timekeeping experience.

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