Charging Ahead: Stuckx Brings The Bull to Kickstarter

The name of a watch can say a lot about it, and when you hear of one called “The Bull” you imagine something fierce, ruggedly constructed and unique. It turns out that the Stuckx The Bull Watch, which recently debuted on a Kickstarter campaign, is all that and more.

Stuckx actually chose the name of The Bull Watch due to its design. Built from scratch by the designers behind the brand, the timepiece is inspired by the classic bullhead watch from the 1970s, and it is available in three different movement options:

– 2 eye Mechanical Chronograph with Automatic Winding that winds kinetically in response to your movements.

– 2 eye mecha-quartz chronograph that is a mechanical watch with a quartz movement system.

– 3 eye mecha-quartz chronograph that features three subdials instead of just two.

Each of the styles in the Stuckx The Bull collection were initially offered in three different colours, but more options were unlocked due to the success of the campaign. When this blog post was written, Stuckx had already managed to fully fund their project with more than $124,369 raised against a goal of just $55,000. There were still a few rewards left to be grabbed for those who get to be the first to own a Stuckx The Bull Watch, but with the popularity of the campaign, there is a good likelihood that all of the offers will sell out before the campaign ends on 25 August 2015.

(Picture & Video by Stuckx watches)

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