Chronologia Trigalight Dive Watch Debuts on Kickstarter

A dive watch isn’t just a practical choice for those who make a regular habit of diving. Watches that are made to take on the tough conditions of the deep sea are also ideal for wearing on dry land in areas where a lightweight, rugged watch is necessary. The Chronologia Trigalight Dive Watch is the latest look in diver watches and was created to suit the needs of men when they’re in the water, on the trail or just on the street.

The Chronologia Trigalight Dive Watch boasts an impressive 20ATM water resistance rating for those who do intend to brave the water while wearing it. Instead of conventional steel, the timepiece features a carbon fiber case, making it more durable than typical diver watches but also lighter in weight. The strap is fashioned out of flexible silicone, and the caseback and crown are stainless. Completing the innovative design are the Trigalight tubes that allow the timepiece to light up more brightly than a standard men’s watch for easy reading under water and in the dark.

Ultimately, the Kickstarter launch for the Chronologia Trigalight Dive Watch did not reach its goal of €35,500, but that’s not going to stop the designers. Chronologica has managed to secure funds to move forward with production, and those who wish to purchase one will have the opportunity to do so come September. Anyone who had pledged funds for the campaign is eligible for a discounted price, but pre-orders will be open to the public as well.

(Picture by Chronologia Trigalight Dive Watch)

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