Color Blocking a Rolex “HULK” Submariner

In 1953 when the Roles Submariner hit the market, it was one of the most advanced diving watches ever made. During the decades that followed, Rolex remained on the cutting edge by continuously reinventing the Submariner with the latest technologies and new looks to keep up with the times. The vibrant green Submariner, nicknamed the Hulk because of its color, is a perfect example of the bold details of the luxury watch.

The Rolex “HULK” Submariner watch never fails to capture the eye with its bold dial and matching bezel. For men that want to experiment with the layered look of a rope bracelet worn beside a timepiece, though, the bright colors of a watch like the Hulk can pose a challenge. A great way to approach the pairing is to color block, which is what we did when we put this Rolex “HULK” Submariner beside our WatchBandit South Pacific Anchor Bracelet.

Color blocking refers to placing contrasting colors next to one another to create a striking visual effect. You can see here how the vibrant green of the timepiece is radically different from the bright yellow of the nylon fibres used in the design of the anchor bracelet. The touches of blue and red add another dimension to the look, and the matching white-gold plated anchor bracelet and bracelet of the timepiece make the look work perfectly.

Want to try your hand at color blocking your timepiece? Check out the WatchBandit anchor bracelet collection to discover the perfect option to put next to your watch!

(Owners WristShot by abewd)

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