Complementing a Colored Bezel: Starring Tudor and WatchBandit

In 1946, Rolex founder Hans Wildorf conceived of the Tudor Watch Company in order to meet the demand for watches that performed as well as Rolex watches but were more affordable in price. Tudor remains a popular watch company today with stylish designs like the Tudor Heritage Black Bay offering men the chance to get high performance watches at a budget-friendly price point.

We chose the Tudor Heritage Black Bay as a starting point for a styling lesson in pairing a watch with a colored bezel with a rope bracelet. Colored bezel watches are a stylish departure from traditional single-toned bracelet watches, but they can be more difficult to pair with accessories since they have such a vibrant, noticeable splash of color.

In the case of the Tudor Heritage Black Bay, a black dial complicates matters further, giving you both it and the bright crimson bezel with which to contend. Still, we were ready to rise to the challenge. We started by focusing only on the type of anchor, selecting white gold plated to get the same silver look as the watch bracelet. In order to complement both the dial and the bezel, we chose a bracelet color that contrasted with both, picking the South Pacific for its pop of yellow. The flecks of deep red match the bezel perfectly, and the black dial and blue fibres make nice counterpoints for each other.

Check out all of our anchor bracelets here at WatchBandit and try your hand at styling your own colored bezel timepiece.

(Owners WristShot by abewd)

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