Coral Anchor Bracelet + Orient Automatic Makes a Flawless Pairing

We’re always excited to see how our customers choose to style the straps and bracelets from our collection of artisan crafted designs, and the latest photo we’ve received definitely deserves to be shared with the world!

The picture comes to us from Ligetfalvi Viktor also know as g0nz1 on Instagram whose match-ups we’ve featured in our blog before. This time, he placed our Coral Anchor Bracelet with his Orient Automatic timepiece. The white gold plating on the anchor looks very sleek beside the color of the bracelet on the timepiece. We also like the way the green bezel works with the tones in the bracelet in different ways. The hue complements the royal base of the maritime sailing rope bracelet while contrasting with the coral accent fibres. The white fibres echo the round hour markers on the watch’s dial to really bring the entire look together.

You can check out the Coral Anchor Bracelet here to get one of your own and see what pairings you can create.

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