Customer WristShot of our BeadBandit Bracelets

Here at WatchBandit, we frequently get questions from gents asking for advice on how best to mix and match our men’s bracelets. Stacking up bracelets made from different materials is virtually an art form, and recently we saw a true masterpiece of a combination posted by @danielfrydenlund10 on Instagram!

Any gent who is curious about how to pair bracelets and watches can get some great style inspiration from this wrist shot. @danielfrydenlund10 used a timepiece chunky silver-toned bracelet as the focal point of his look and then layered on three different Bead Bandit bracelets. Each one has a silver-toned slide, so it coordinates perfectly with the watch. By placing one bracelet below the watch and two above, @danielfrydenlund10 created a modern, asymmetrical stack that looks great.

Awesome combination, @danielfrydenlund10! We appreciate you posting your picture!

Want to show us how you mix and match your Bead Bandit bracelets? Snap a photo, post it to Instagram and tag us to get SPOTTED.

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