D. Freemont Swiss Watches: Bringing Exclusive Swiss Designs to America

When you think of Swiss watches, the big brands are the first names to pop into your head, but Rolex, Omega and the other giants aren’t the only watchmakers who produce timepieces in the country. A number of independent watchmakers who descend from long lines of craftsmen work in the area, but their designs go largely undiscovered because they do not have the huge marketing force behind them that the big brands do. Now, an American company called D. Freemont Swiss Watches is helping these Swiss timepieces get discovered.

Freemont Swiss Watches is based in a small town in Pennsylvania and is run by D. Freemont, an avid watch collector and expert on Swiss timepieces. His company imports fine quality Swiss watches and makes them available for sale under their exclusive brand. Not just any watch can find its way into the D. Freemont Swiss Watches collection. Each timepiece is carefully examined to ensure that it meets the company’s very high quality standards. Only watches that are artisan crafted one at a time with no assembly lines and that have highly reliable, precision movements are added to the collection. Before they are shipped, D. Freemont Swiss Watches are reviewed by the brand for final calibration to ensure accuracy.

The selection of D. Freemont Swiss Watches is always changing, and you can see what’s currently available on the brand’s official website. Prices range from as low as $300 to upwards of $1500.

(Picture by D. Freemont)

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