Deep Blue Watches: Taking the Plunge

Diver watches today are often worn on dry land far from the sea, but true diver designs should be able to take the plunge far into the depths with ease. That’s simply not true of many of the watches that claim to be divers. While they may be more water resistant than other timepieces on the market, many can’t truly be put to the test by professional divers and military personnel. But that can’t be said of Deep Blue Watches. The brand has pioneered an impressive collection of true diver watches that look stylish on land but function perfectly in the deep.

Deep Blue Watches was founded in 2007 to create dive watches that could truly be considered professional grade. Used by professional divers and naval forces all over the world, Deep Blue Watches are developed with value and dependability in mind. The focus of the designers at Deep Blue Watches continues to be on water resistance. Their research and testing has led to the development of watches that can travel to depths of up to 3000 meters without compromising accuracy.

With Deep Blue Watches, getting a watch that can truly take the plunge doesn’t cost a fortune. The timepieces in the brand’s current collection of diver watches for men and women all sell for under $1,000. Most are made only in limited series, making quantities limited. The designs that are currently available are all showcased on the brand’s official website.

(Picture by Deep Blue Watches)

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