Does a man need glitz and showy details to be stylish? The minimalist male would definitely say no, but so many of the best timepieces on the market today suggest otherwise. For the man who prefers simplicity to his style, there seems to be a shortage of well-made watch options to complete his ensembles. At least, that was the case until Defakto Watches entered the market. The brand’s pared-down approach to luxury finally makes it possible to be stylish without being showy, ostentatious or overdone.

A History of Excellence

Defakto Watches were first created in 2009, but their heritage can be traced back decades. The brand was created by the Ickler family, who are no strangers to the world of timepiece design. In 1924, the family entered the market, creating handmade precision watches in Pforzheim, Germany. With Defakto Watches, the Icklers are now ready to produce watches for a new generation of men, men who want to treat themselves to the very best without having to wear a flashy watch on their arms. The brand has a vision of truly changing the way men interact with time, and so far, they have brought their vision to life masterfully.

Distinctly German Designs

With your very first glance at a Defakto watch, you can clearly see the German inspiration of each design. The brand has its roots in Bauhaus design philosophy–that form should marry perfectly with function and that the most appealing designs are those that do what they are meant to do in a simple way. Not only are Defakto Watches distinctly German in appearance, but they truly reflect the heritage of quality craftsmanship for which German products are famous. Every watch in the collection is truly crafted to last a lifetime.

A Watch for Every Man

The signature timepiece in the Defakto Watches is the one-hand dial. The concept behind this watch is to slow down the pace of tracking the time, allowing men to remain punctual without focusing on the frenzied passage of the minutes. For those who require a two-hand timepiece, there are options available, and most recently, Defakto introduced a new style with a second-hand sub-dial. Each watch has a simple scaled black or white dial and a sleek case. Straps are made from the finest of calfskin leather to give the watches a versatile day-or-night design.

Bespoke Watches for the Ultimate Luxury

Defakto is completely committed to offering luxury watches that appeal to every man. The brand is one of the few to offer custom-crafted bespoke men’s watches at a reasonable price. At the brand’s website, men can use the Configuator function to design their own watches. The easy-to-use feature allows men to select the case color and strap of their choice to make timepieces that perfectly reflect their individual senses of style. The cost of the bespoke watches is 550 Euro with VAT included.

Whether you want to design your own timepiece or select one of the signature Defakto Watches, you’re sure to be satisfied with the simplicity and precision characteristic of Defakto designs.

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