Double Wrap Bracelet

Layered bracelets are a hot trend in both men’s and women’s accessories right now, but wearing multiple bracelets at a time can be uncomfortable. The bracelets can shift, feel bulky and not all pieces fit together perfectly. The Double Wrap Bracelet collection features pieces made to give you that layered look while wearing just one single bracelet. Popular with men and women alike, the bracelets come in a number of different styles with something to suit every taste.

The design of the Double Wrap Bracelet begins with genuine leather cords that measure 2 millimetres in thickness. Strong and resistant to wear and tear, yet sleek and luxurious, the leather is black or grey in colour, depending on the design. Only the strongest available waxed leather is used in our Double Wrap Bracelet design to ensure durability. Between the cords are two rows of natural gemstone beads that measure 4 millimetres in diameter. The beads are stitched in place individually, further enhancing the strength of the design.

Adjustable in length from 14 to 16 inches, the Double Wrap Bracelet is designed to be doubled over the wrist to look like two stylish bracelets in one. The bracelet is secured by a silver-coloured metal toggle, which is very easy to fasten with just one hand. Whether you’re looking for a piece in black or white to match everything, in rich earth tones for a natural look or an eye-catching colour, you’ll find the perfect bracelet to complete your wardrobe in the Double Wrap Bracelet line.

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