Double Your Style Possibilities with a Gaxs Double Pack

What’s better than getting one stylish Swedish timepiece for your wardrobe? Doubling up and getting two for a remarkable price! That’s exactly what happens when you purchase a Gaxs Double Pack, which gives you two artisan crafted timepieces for a reduced price.

There are four double packs available here at WatchBandit:

  1. Double Pack 1.
    This pack includes the Jamming Joe Matte watch the Mr. Jackson watch. The Jamming Joe has a black-on-black dial with a black case and a black textured leather band, giving it a very modern look. The Mr. Jackson has a more traditional design with a silver sun ray dial, a polished silver-toned case and a dark brown textured leather strap.
  2. Double Pack 2.
    This pack gives you the Jamming Joe Matte watch found in Double Pack 1 plus the Adam Smith Brown watch. Like the Mr. Jackson, the Adam Smith Brown has a textured leather strap and a polished silver-toned case. The difference between the two is that the Adam Smith has a white dial.
  3. Double Pack 3.
    In this pack, you get the Mr. Jackson from Double Pack 1 and the Oliver Sand. The latter watch has a black dial and black textured leather strap with a polished silver case.
  4. Double Pack 4.
    This pack includes the Adam Smith from Double Pack 2 and the Oliver Sand Brown watch. This timepiece is identical to the one in the Double Pack 3, except it has a textured brown strap instead of a black one.

You can learn more about the timepieces featured in these four Gaxs Double Pack options by shopping the brand’s collection here at WatchBandit. Each pack retails for just $203.95 (179,95 €).

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