Enclave Manufacturing Co. Watches

Brand inflation. That’s the fancy term that fashion industry insiders use to describe the phenomena of simplistic apparel and accessories being marked up well beyond their value just because they bear a fancy designer name. The higher price gives the illusion that the expensive piece is of better quality than the competition, but often, you’re just paying for a name. Enclave Manufacturing Co. was founded to put an end to brand inflation and make it easy for men to find watches that are well made but fairly priced to offer real value.

Enclave Manufacturing Co. watches are made from high quality materials, including Swiss Ronda 774 movement systems, sapphire crystal displays and heavy-duty machined stainless steel cases. The watches are water resistant and constructed to stand the test of time; however, they are available for a fraction of the price of what you’d expect to pay for designer watches made from similar materials. The brand sells direct to consumers through their own website to reduce overhead and allow for even more affordable pricing.

What’s so unique about Enclave Manufacturing Co. Watches apart from their affordable, yet well crafted designs is their interchangeable strap options. Every case designed by the brand is meant to look handsome when paired with any of their leather, tweed, canvas, suede and other unique strap options, so that men can purchase just one watch and completely reinvent it again and again simply by switching straps to match their ensembles. Enclave Manufacturing Co. timepieces are offered in more than 20 styles at We hope that we can offer you the Enclave watches soon, but until then, you can find many other interesting watch brands in our WatchBandit watch catalog.

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