Eone Watches: Made for Everyone

Take a moment to think of a prominent luxury watch brand. Now, imagine the man most likely to wear a timepiece made by that designer. You’ll quickly get the image of one particular type of gentleman, regardless of what brand it is that originally came to mind. That’s because most brands known for producing high quality watches cater only to one sort of man, making watches that appeal to his tastes and that only he can afford. Eone Watches was founded to challenge that custom and offer timepieces that are truly made for everyone. Even the brand name of Eone Watches was chosen to reflect the universality of this watch design, as it’s a shorter form of the word “everyone” and pronounced easily just by saying the letter “E.”

The very first time you see an Eone timepiece, you’ll be instantly struck by how different it is from anything you’ve seen before, and it’s this: instead of being covered with glass or mineral crystal, the watch has an open design that allows you to run your fingers over the markers. In place of hands, the timepiece has a ball bearing mounted on the top to track the minutes and on the side to track the hours.

This makes it possible to tell time without being able to see, so that the blind and the vision impaired can wear it with ease. Even men who can see can easily check the time in the dark, making this truly a watch design for everyone.The Eone timepiece comes with different strap options, but our favourite is the version above with the mesh strap. See all the beautiful watches from Eone Time here. 

(Picture from Eone watches)

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