EONIQ Watches: Made Uniquely for You

Many watches are unique in that they have their own special features that separate them from other timepieces on the market, but how many fit the true definition of one of a kind? Ordinarily, you would expect a watch that was made uniquely for you to cost a fortune, but EONIQ Watches is making custom made watches accessible to everyone.

With EONIQ Watches, you get the freedom to design your own timepiece. The work is done through an easy-to-use online interface. You are able to choose:

– The case finish from Whisky Black, Vodka Silver and Rose Gold options

– Whether you prefer a gold or silver-toned hand wound movement or automatic Miyota movements

– The type of hands that you prefer from stick hands to luminous hands to pilot luminous hands

– Your preferred strap from eight options that include genuine European leather and stainless steel mesh

– The look of the bottom and top layer of the dial. You can have your name stamped into the face or an engraving added

Because of the custom designed nature of EONIQ Watches, the timepieces are only available online directly from the brand. The design that is currently being featured at the online store is the Pinot Noir, which features a Japanese Miyota movement and a striking 2-layer dial. At a starting price of just $298, the watch offers you a one-of-a-kind look at a value price. EONIQ Watches ships watches to locations all over the world for added convenience.

3 thoughts on “EONIQ Watches: Made Uniquely for You

  1. Bill Herndon says:

    Bought an Eoniq roughly 18 months ago based on the strong reviews in a number of online publications. Although I love the look of the watch, the mechanism is either junk or assembled by amateurs. in the first nine months the escapement detached from its mount while I was winding the watch (don’t even ask me how that’s possible). Eoniq was polite but completely unhelpful in attempting to get a warranty repair accomplished. They offered no support for shipping the watch back to Hong Kong using their account–even when I offered to reimburse their charges. So I had it repaired by a local watchmaker whom I trust rather than shipping back to Hong Kong for $115 and risk Eoniq refusing to fix the watch under warranty,

    Now…six months later…the watch is broken again. No shock, no abuse, just stopped working.

    If you want to waste your money…go with Eoniq, but don’t say you haven’t been warned.

    1. Mick says:

      Thanks for sharing your bad experiences about Eoniq Bill.

    2. Mwamalumbili says:

      Who knows what did the repairman did to the watch.
      Stop damaging the brand’s image of the watch company. It is against the law and It can cost you a lot if The company stands against you.

      Your mistake was to send the brand new watch to the local repairman instead of sending it to the factory,
      they could have replaced it with a newer product or refund back your money.

      You could even sue the company to the court if incase the refuse keep the agreements.

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