Ephemeris Watches: Uniquely Customized Timepieces

A small number of watch micro brands are bringing back the concept of the bespoke timepiece, a watch that is custom crafted especially for the man who purchases it. That’s the way watches were often made generations ago, and this return to the customized timepiece design has allowed men to buy watches that are true reflections of their tastes and perfectly suited to their lifestyles. MMT, a Hong Kong-based company, is taking the bespoke approach one step further with a completely original watch concept unlike anything else on the market.

The Ephemeris watch is an elegant, modern timepiece with a very unique dial design. The details of the face of the watch recreate a solar map for a specific date specified for the purchaser. Men can choose to have their wedding date, the date of a birth of a child or another important day commemorated with their Ephemeris watch, and the timepieces can also be customized for gifts with dates like graduation days or days of the start of a retirement or new job.

Currently, MMT is in the midst of a Kickstarter campaign to launch their Ephemeris watch collection. The company hopes to raise $22,220 to bring the Ephemeris concept to market, and at the time this profile was written, they were well on their way, having raised $19,215 from 121 backers. With 25 days left to go in their campaign, MMT is poised to succeed and launch their revolutionary new bespoke watch concept. Timepieces are expected to ship in August of this year.

(Picture & Video by Ephemeris Watches)

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