Gaxs Watches A New Approach to Watch Design

Gaxs is an up and coming leader in watch designs and has begun to create quite a stir in the world of watchmaking. The brand has a unique approach that distinguishes their product lineup from all of the others on the market today, and each Gaxs watch has distinctive details that never fail to make an impression. Few other brands have made such an impact on the world of luxury fashion accessories in so short a time, making G.axs one to watch.

A New Name in Luxury Watches

Gaxs is based in Stockholm, Sweden, and was founded back in 2011. The visionaries behind the brand are Gustav Sandell and Joachim Kihlgård. The duo met while studying real estate management back in 2007 and found that they both harbored an entrepreneurial spirit. As their friendship grew, they found that they also had a shared interest in wristwatches and decided to go into business together developing and marketing their own luxury watch collection. While working in real estate during the day, they have worked on Gaxs as a side project since the start, making it even more remarkable that their timepiece collection has debuted to rave reviews.

A New Approach to Watch Design

Sandell and Kihlgård had a unique vision for Gaxs from the very beginning. They believed that just because a man could afford a luxury watch didn’t mean that he necessarily wanted to spend thousands to get an everyday timepiece. The pair felt that many men valued versatility and would prefer to have several stylish watches that they could mix and match with the items in their wardrobe. As a result, they have kept the price points of G.axs watches reasonable without compromising quality. This makes the range very accessible and allows men to complete their accessories collection with multiple watches at a lower price than they would expect to pay for a single luxury timepiece from another brand.

Quality Craftsmanship

For Sandell and Kihlgård, it has always been important that Gaxs watches not sacrifice quality or style in order to provide a cost-effective timepiece option for customers. In order to ensure quality craftsmanship and a high-end, reliable product, the pair scoured the globe looking for manufacturing partners and suppliers. The watches are assembled in China and feature high quality Japanese quartz crystal movement mechanisms.

See the whole G.axs watch collection here.

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