Garrick: Bringing a Bit of Britain to Modern Timepieces

Switzerland was the birthplace of the luxury timepiece. Germany and Japan are known for creating well constructed watches. The Scandinavian nations have a reputation for producing distinctive minimalistic designs. But what does England stand for in the world of watchmaking?

Garrick, a designer of luxury quality watches, is seeking to provide a stylish answer to that question. The company was founded by watch collector and British naval history buff David Brailsford. Feeling that British watchmakers deserved a place among the craftsmen considered to be the finest in the world, he created the company to offer timepieces designed in England and handcrafted only in Britain using traditional techniques rather than assembly lines.

Nearly all of the components of Garrick watches are either produced in house or are manufactured by British companies. In fact, the brand is committed to purchasing parts from overseas only when there is no suitable alternative available in Britain, regardless of cost. Not only does this help to support British manufacturing, but it also makes Garrick watches of an unparalleled level of quality. All of the timepieces are constructed out of 316L stainless steel and feature balances and dials produced by the brand’s own craftsmen.

In addition to their line of timepieces, Garrick accepts commissions for one-of-a-kind bespoke timepieces and will custom create a watch in accordance with any man’s exact specifications. Garrick timepieces are available for purchase only from authorised dealers located around the world. All of the brand’s current designs can be viewed at their website.

(Picture & Video by Garrick watches)

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