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GAXS Watches

Your style isn’t the same every day, is it? Some days, you’re buttoned up and dressed smart for the office. Other days, you’re laid back and relaxed. You have different looks for work, for play, for special occasions, for intimate evenings out. You have so many looks in your wardrobe, so why would you purchase just one watch to go with all of them?

That’s the very question that perplexed the designers at G.axs. Based in Stockholm, the brand was launched in 2011 as an answer to the riddle of how to have the perfect watch to complete every ensemble. The designers of the brand had a vision of offering modern timepieces with distinctive designs, handsome details and quality construction but that were still affordable in price. Their belief was that men and women deserved to have well-made, stylish watches that didn’t cost a fortune to purchase. This way, they could purchase several different looks to have something to go with whatever their style for the day happened to be.

The G.axs Watches collection truly succeeds in the goal of the brand. Each watch in the range is handsomely crafted with fine materials like durable stainless steel and genuine leather. High quality quartz crystal movements systems are included in the design, and their superior construction allows the watches to be water resistant in up to 5 atmospheres. From watches with timeless appeal to bold contemporary designs that stand out in a crowd, the Gaxs Watches collection has something for every man or women.