REC watches

Go Green With REC Watches

Eco consciousness is not just a trend. Green living truly is a philosophy, something to strive for and something that can make a difference in the health of the planet and the lives of everyone. An important part of green living is making small choices that have a positive impact on the planet and together add up to big change. If you’re green-minded, REC Watches can help you continue your quest to decrease your eco-footprint while giving you a fashionable, functional timepiece that you can wear for any occasion.

REC Watches are unique because they are completely handmade out of recycled car metal. By reclaiming and repurposing the high quality metals used in the construction of automobiles, REC Watches cut down on the amount of cars that end up rusting out and taking up space in landfills around the world. When you purchase a REC Watch, you’ll find a Vehicle Identification Number etched onto the back of the stainless steel case. This VIN number tells you the story of the watch’s past, as it corresponds to the vehicle from which its materials were derived.

Not only are REC Watches eco-friendly, but they are also very reliable timepieces. The watches feature precision Swiss or Japanese movement systems, and they are outfitted with scratch-resistant mineral glass to enhance their durability. The collection includes chronograph and traditional men’s watches with nylon and leather straps in an array of finishes and colors, ensuring that there is an ideal style for every green-minded gent. See the whole REC watch collection here.

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