The Gold Anchor Bracelet: A Rainbow of Fashion Possibilities

The gold anchor bracelet collection here at WatchBandit features a wide assortment of colourful designs that all feature the finest quality Italian leather cord and real yellow gold plating on their anchor clasps. These bracelets look very stylish on their own, but we’re partial to wearing them stacked up.

Here are a few of our mix and matched designs:

  1. A Primary Stack.
    Primary colours make a bold statement when you place them side by side. Try wearing the Red Leather Anchor bracelet, the Yellow Leather Anchor Bracelet and the Navy Blue Leather Anchor Bracelet any time you want your sense of style to get noticed.
  2. Cool Vibes.
    Colours from similar families mixed with neutrals never fail to work together. We love how the Turquoise Leather Anchor Bracelet and the Navy Blue Leather Anchor Bracelet look with the Light Brown Leather Anchor Bracelet placed between them.
  3. Father Earth.
    When you want to add colour to your ensembles without being too flashy, try mixing and matching earth tones. We like the Brown Leather Anchor Bracelet layered over top of the Beige Leather Anchor Bracelet and finished with the Green Leather Anchor Bracelet, particularly when you place it all beside a striking gold watch.

With so many looks in our gold anchor bracelet collection, the possibilities for layering and combining leather bracelets with your favourite watches and other jewelry pieces are truly endless. Check out all of the colours now and see what looks you’re inspired to create.

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