Graffiti Envelope

Welcome to another edition of SPOTTED, our blog feature where we share images that our customers have shared of how they wear and style our replacement watch straps, anchor bracelets, hook bracelets and beaded bracelets.

Normally, the photos we show here at SPOTTED are of someone’s wrist, but today, we have something really different for you. This photograph was taken by our customer @jonnibalekta who shared the bright, eye-catching picture on Instagram. He transformed our shipping envelope into a work of art, and even gave it a texture to make it look as if it were a brick wall covered with graffiti.

We almost didn’t recognise it at first! Amazing talent you have, @jonnibalekt! Thank you so much for sharing your photo.

Whether you’d like to try your hand at decorating an envelope or want to show us how you wear your WatchBandit accessories, we’d love to see your pictures, too! Upload them to Instagram and tag us for your chance to be SPOTTED!