Griffin Emblem Poised to Introduce New Watch Design

Griffin Emblem is an up and coming watch brand out of France that seeks to offer luxurious timepieces that are remarkable due to their unique features. The name of the brand embodies this, as the griffin is a fantastic mythological beast, and the emblem refers to rare treasures. After launching two successful crowdfunded watch lines, Griffin Emblem has unveiled a brand new timepiece design that is attracting tons of attention.

The new timepiece being offered by the Griffin Emblem is known as the 2nd Anniversary Limited Edition. The watches build off the original high quality automatic watches made by Griffin Emblem but have some major improvements. For example, the new dials feature multiple layers, giving them a striking three-dimensional look. The dials are also set with genuine ruby gemstones for touches of color and have stainless steel reflector rings that give them a striking design. These watches are kinetically powered and do not require a battery for operation.

To introduce their new automatic watches to the market, Griffin Emblem is raising money through crowd funding at Indiegogo. The watchmaker set an initial goal of $15,000 and has already generated 352 percent of the money they requested, having raised move then $52,000. Now, the brand is working toward stretch goals, adding new features and options to their watches. There is still a month left to go in the campaign and many rewards are still available for people who want to be the first to buy Griffin Emblem automatic watches.

(Picture & Video by Griffin Emblem)

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