Havok Racer Chronograph: Wreaking Havoc on a Race to the Finish Line

Luxury watches all have their own distinctive features, but when you get down to it, they have a rather uniform look that makes them all the same. When a watch truly stands out, its price tag is usually exorbitant and beyond what most people are willing to pay for an everyday timepiece. Until now.

The Havok Racer Chronograph is changing the look of men’s watches with a design inspired by vintage race cars that is available for a remarkably low price. The timepiece’s face is reminiscent of an instrument panel with 24-hour reader and second and minute subdials and numerical minute markers displayed on the rim. A tachymeter bezel and a date function window are also included in the design. The watch is powered by a Japanese JS15 quartz movement system, and an Italian leather strap finishes the design.

The Havok Racer Chronograph has been amazingly well received by timepiece lovers. In fact, the Kickstarter project that’s generating the funds necessary to launch the watch line is on pace to be one of the most successful watch launches of all time. The makers of the watch set a funding goal of just $10,000, but at the time when this piece was written with still 10 days left to go, the campaign had brought in more than $261,000! There were still a limited number of rewards left to claim at various price points, but with the popularity of the watch, it’s likely those will go fast.

(Picture by Havok Timepieces)

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