Henry & Ashe Watches: Luxury Timepieces without the Luxury Prices

Unlike many watchmaking companies that plague the market today looking for a way to scrape every penny that they can out of the consumer, Henry & Ashe have made it a personal mission to change the way that the luxury watch industry functions. By skipping the mark-up supply chains that most companies use, Henry & Ashe is ready to begin delivering to customers high-quality, world-class, dazzling mechanical watches through the crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter.

Taking their inspiration from the bustling city of Miami, Henry & Ashe have designed a robust, yet classically designed timepiece they call the Legacy Automatic. Though they approach the watches from a minimalistic standpoint, these watches do not lack in features. Such features include a date display, a hacking second hand, and a limited edition caseback that is a signature denotation of Henry & Ashe. Versatility in mind, the Legacy Automatic also features quick-release leather bands to easily shift from professional looking watches to ones that can be worn on the town. Just like the Miami lifestyle–work hard, play even harder.


The heart of the Legacy Automatic is the precise and reliably accurate Miyota 9015 movement. With its reserve of power measuring around 42 hours, hacking second hand, 28,800 vibrations an hour and 24 jewels, this is the perfect movement for Henry & Ashe’s debut watch. A scratch-resistant sapphire crystal watch face and surgical grade stainless steel are standard parts of each of these luxury watches. They are components you would find with any upscale watch, but the price does not reflect that.

Timepieces purchased from a watch retailer are often marked up well over 300 percent. Henry & Ashe believe that you do not have to break the bank to own a luxury timepiece. They want to deliver watches straight to the customer without retailer markups, letting their customers have heirloom quality mechanical watches for a price that does not even come close to how much a luxury retailer charges.

As stated, Henry & Ashe intend to crowdfund their innovative new timepiece on Kickstarter beginning on January 9th. Check back here to gain access to the link on launch day and make a pledge for your own Henry & Ashe Legacy Automatic timepiece.


2 thoughts on “Henry & Ashe Watches: Luxury Timepieces without the Luxury Prices

  1. ricky newsome says:

    Nice, I like the black dial options on their campaign

    1. Mick says:

      agree, its a s stunner 🙂

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