HIKARO: Wooden Watches Go Mod

Wood watches are still rather rare on the market today, but there are now a few micro brands that are offering timepieces made out of hardwood rather than metal. Now, a new brand is taking a unique approach to crafting watches out of wood and has brought the look of these natural timepieces into the modern age. That brand is Hikaro, and they’re in the process of raising funds to bring their new timepiece to the market.

Hikaro watches combine the look of a contemporary minimalist timepiece with hardwood construction and are designed by teams in New York City and Switzerland. Unlike other wood watches, the Hikaro timepiece has a very slim case that makes it lighter and more modern. The watch is powered by an ultra reliable Swiss Ronda 715 movement and is protected by Euro flat sapphire crystal. Cases are handmade, and the watches feature supple, strong genuine leather straps. Stainless steel accents add a touch of industrial chic to the overall aesthetic of the watch.

Hikaro watches are being launched through a Kickstarter campaign with a goal of $35,000. At the time that this profile was written, there were 16 days remaining in the campaign, and Hikaro had received $23,800 in pledges from 126 backers. The brand seems on pace to meet or exceed their goals, so men who want to be among the first to own a Hikaro watch when the brand ships in August 2016 should seize the opportunity to contribute to the campaign.

(Picure by Hikaro)

One thought on “HIKARO: Wooden Watches Go Mod

  1. Looks like they ended just short of the total needed for the campaign and judging by their website they never changed it from having the Kickstarter logo. Shame. I would say there are plenty of wooden watch brands out there now that create very stylish, sleek and lightweight watches so the market is doing fine even if new brands aren’t entering the playing field.

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