How to Care for a Hook Bracelet

When it comes to jewelry, a hook bracelet doesn’t just offer simplicity when it comes to style. These rope bracelets are also very simple to care for and great for men who don’t want the hassles of having to frequently polish and clean sterling silver and other precious metals.

All that it takes to keep hook bracelets well maintained is following these easy tips:

  1. Rope bracelets can get soiled when you wear them every day, but you can handle the soiling rather easily. You can simply use a mild sulphate free liquid like the kind that you use to wash your hands to remove any dirt. For really stubborn dirt, you can use the edge of your fingernail to scrub or a nail brush. Rinse the bracelet well and then allow it to air dry.
  2. Bleach and strong acids could affect the colour of your rope bracelet. Some men actually like the look of a distressed bracelet and don’t worry too much about this, but if you want to keep your rope bracelet vivid, take it off before using any kind of chemicals.
  3. The hook on your bracelet won’t tarnish, but it could get fingerprinted over time. Wipe it off with a microfibre cloth to remove spots and enhance its shine.

As you can see, there isn’t much required to care for a hook bracelet. You can keep your new rope bracelet looking great with ease, so what are you waiting for? Shop our collection now and bring home the perfect simple-to-care-for, effortlessly stylish bracelet for your accessories collection.

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