How to Create the Perfect Layered Men’s Anchor Bracelet Look

A men’s anchor bracelet can add something stylish to an outfit when you wear it on its own, but many gents like to stack them up and wear two or three at a time. While there is no rule to how you can combine men’s bracelets, you may not be sure exactly how to approach mixing and matching.

To give you some style inspiration, this quick guide will show you how we approach mixing and matching one of the looks from our men’s anchor bracelet collection: the Norwegian Anchor Bracelet, which is red with navy and white accents.

1. Pick Coordinating Colours. One strategy for mixing and matching is to pick bracelets that feature the same two or three colours. With the Norwegian Anchor Bracelet, we like the Lake Superior Anchor Bracelet, which has red and blue horizontal stripes and white diagonals that show off the hues in a different way.

2. Pick Out an Accent Colour. Another way to mix things up is to pick out one of the accent colours and purchase a solid bracelet in its hue. For example, you can put the Norwegian with the Blue Leather White Gold Anchor Bracelet.

3. Go for the Biggest Contrast. If you really want to stand out, grab a colour wheel and choose a bracelet in the colour that appears opposite of the main colour of your bracelet. For red, that colour is green, making something like our South Atlantic Anchor Bracelet an eye-catching companion for the Norwegian.

You can use these same techniques to create eye-catching combinations with any of the anchor bracelets here at Watch Bandit. Shop our selection to find the Norwegian Anchor Bracelet and all of our other designs and see what combinations you can create.

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