How to read Hygge 3012 Watches

Hygge means “the good in life” in Denmark, and it’s clear that the designers at Hygge watches have thought carefully about how to make their timepieces unique to bring something special to everyday fashion to make life a little better. Great care is taken to make each watch user friendly yet distinctive, but at first glance, it may not be obvious how to read a watch from the collection. Here’s a quick guide.

This timepiece is a two-hand motion watch, except that it does not have conventional hands. Instead, discs with triangle pointers are used to mark the time. To tell the time you simply need to:

  1. Look at the bottom dial. Find where the triangle is pointing. This will indicate the hour.
  2. Look at the top dial. Find where the triangle is pointing. This will indicate the minutes.

When you first start wearing a 3012 watch, it may take you a few seconds to determine what time it is; however, your mind will quickly learn which coloured dial is which, so you’ll be able to tell the time with just a glance. In fact, many men find that it’s easier to tell the time with the 3012 watch than with an ordinary watch once they’ve made the adjustment.

Now that you know how to tell time with one of these stylish modern Danish watches, you’re ready to add one to your accessories collection! Shop the Hygge watches collection at WatchBandit to find your favourite style.

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