How to Tell if a Fishing Hook Bracelet is a Real Catch

When you’re fishing, you know that some fish are worth reeling in and keeping and others are meant to be just thrown back. A fishing hook bracelet is sort of the same. Some of these nautical rope bracelets are of exceptional quality, while others are poorly made.

The key to getting one that you’ll love is being able to tell the difference from the prize-winning catches to the ones that you should skip. It can be hard to judge quality when you’re shopping online, but here are some things that you can look for:

  1. Are the clasps genuine metal? A fish hook bracelet that is well made will have genuine gold plating or another precious metal plating on its clasp. One that is made from just steel or nickel is of lower quality.
  2. Is the rope made out of nylon? Nylon rope is real maritime sailing rope, meaning that it’s strong, sturdy and somewhat water resistant. Ropes made from other fibres may not hold up as well.
  3. Is the hook large? A bracelet with a small hook may not stay fastened securely, making you vulnerable to losing it.

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