Huckleberry and Co: The Fusion of Modernity and Traditionalism

The industry is peppered with new brands popping up and boasting the latest and greatest of watchmaking technology. Every day, new concepts are being shown that seem to get more and more complicated. Don’t fix what isn’t broken; that’s what Huckleberry and Co. believes. They keep to the age-old traditions of mechanical watchmaking, knowing that in a few years with the changing of technology, all of the bells and whistles of modern timepieces will fall to the wayside, and the importance of classic watches will always live on.

Based out of Melbourne, Australia, Huckleberry and Co. watches are inspired by a love of design and traditional Bauhaus concepts. They aim to craft a watch that is modern enough to stand out from the 1930s styles, but still traditional in that it can stand the test of time and all of its trends.

They believe that the watch industry is on its way toward computerized functions and unnecessary sensors. While convenient, these modern watches will no longer be of use once technology shifts once again. Therefore, they find it important that they stick with the age-old process of mechanical watchmaking. This requires no aging chips or batteries–something that was present in the beginning of the wristwatch industry. They hope to bring this tradition into the 21st century with their contemporary spin on a classic design.

These types of watches are mainly known and used by watch enthusiasts, and Huckleberry and Co. hope to change that by designing an attractive, mechanical watch that is accessible to the common market, reigniting the love and appreciation of the art of watchmaking.

Fine Huckleberry and Co. watches can be purchased in their online store for a price of $570.00 AUD, including free shipping.

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