Hygge Väri Watches Win Prestigious Award

Each year, the Red Dot Awards are held to recognize remarkable product designs and innovations across a wide range of categories. A board examines products across many verticals and then selects the most unique and functional ones to provide with the prestigious award. The 2016 Red Dot Award Winners have been unveiled, and this year, a watchmaker has been given the honor! Hygge has won a Red Dot Award for Product Design for their brand new Väri Watch.

Hygge Väri watches were made with the help of Pentagon Design Studio and notable designer Mats Lönngren and reflect the sleek, simple aesthetics indicative of Scandinavian design. The watches feature Japanese movement systems and are made in Japan with careful attention to detail and quality.

The word “väri” means “color” in Finnish, and when you see the Hygge Väri watches placed side by side, you’ll understand why the name was chosen. The watches make bold color statements with leather straps, electoplated curved cases and dials all in a single shade. Simple hands in white or black stand out on the face, and the brand logo is positioned vertically as a stylish finishing touch.

So where can you get the new Hygge Väri watches? The timepieces are just being released to the market, but it just so happens that we’ll be getting them in stock here at WatchBandit. The watches will retail for $180 with free shipping worldwide. If you’d like to be notified when we get them in stock, send us an email!h

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