Introducing the Pink Caravan Anchor Bracelets

Breast cancer affects the lives of roughly 1.7 million worldwide every year, making it the second most commonly diagnosed form of cancer in women. While research has led to the development of new ways to detect and diagnose the disease, more work is needed to find a cure for the disease. WatchBandit is proud to now be involved in the fight to raise breast cancer awareness, and we’re pleased to introduce our new Pink Caravan Anchor Bracelet collection.

The Pink Caravan Anchor Bracelet was created through a partnership with The Hamptons Cafe, a quaint restaurant located in Dubai. The collection includes two nylon rope bracelets in colors that appeal to women and men. Both bracelets fasten with a white gold-plated anchor clasp that is embossed with the Pink Caravan logo.

All profits of the sales of the Pink Caravan Anchor Bracelets will go directly to support Pink Caravan. This NGO is a Pan UAE breast cancer initiative that provides a number of programs to help raise cancer awareness. Each year, more than 150 equestrian riders take to the streets in special uniforms to spread the word about breast cancer detection. The NGO also partners with other groups to help bring free cancer treatment to underprivileged women.

To learn more about the work of Pink Caravan, you can check out their website. To purchase one of our limited edition Pink Caravan Anchor Bracelets in pink and white or silver and white, please visit this page.


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