Jacopo Dondi Watches: A New Way to Track the Hours

It seems that technology has advanced in so many different niches, but still, the design of watches has been largely the same year after year. Apart from digital smart watch technology, most watches made today have all of the same basic features as ones made generations ago. Now, though, there is a bold new way to track the hours that has been developed by Australian watch brand Jacopo Dondi.

What makes the Jacopo Dondi Watch unique is its simple approach to telling time. Instead of featuring two hands, the watch has a single hand that sweeps along a dial with 24 ordinal hour markers instead of the usual 12. The halfway point between each number represents the half past time, and there are markings every 10 minutes for calculating the time precisely. The watch also doubles as a compass.

The Jacopo Dondi 24-Hour Watch has already received a lot of publicity from watch and technology sites like Worn & Wound, Master Horologer, WatchUSeek, Gadget Flow and Europa Star. Instead of sourcing private funding, the brand has opted to bring the watches to market with a Kickstarter campaign. The funding goal is $37,362 US or $50,000 AUD. At the time that this profile was written, there were still 22 days left remaining in the campaign, but Jacopo Dondi had already raised more than 36,881 AUD from 204 backers. The watches are slated to go into production later this year and to ship in March 2017.

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