JS Watch co. Reykjavik: Timepieces From Iceland

When you think of European luxury watches, you likely imagine timepieces made in Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Italy or the United Kingdom, as these countries are famous for making stylish, high quality timepieces. Now, one brand of designer watches for men is trying to change that and make a new country a leading name in timepiece manufacturing–Iceland.

The company in question is JS Watch co. Reykjavik, a micro watch brand that is the only watch manufacturer that is completely based in Iceland. All of the watches that bear the brand name are designed in the country and made by hand at their own studio and workshop in Iceland. Because the brand hand makes every single watch, they keep production numbers low. Every watch is made as a limited edition series with just a set number of watches being manufactured and sold. This allows for a very high degree of control over quality that makes JS Watch co. Reykjavik watches truly exceptional. The brand’s timepieces are so finely crafted that they’re the watches of choice for the Icelandic Coast Guard, which issues the timepieces to service members.

Currently, JS Watch co. Reykjavik watches are available exclusively at the brand’s official online store. The brand takes orders by phone rather through an online checkout service. This allows you to speak directly to the artisans that make the watch to ensure that your questions are answered. You’re even free to make special requests to have a timepiece produced specifically for you.

(Picture by JS Watch Co.)

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