Junkers Watches: Timepieces Inspired by Aviation

Hugo Junkers was a world renowned German engineer who was known for advancing the world of aircraft design. He was one of the first to develop airplanes made entirely out of metal, and his planes were used by the German Air Force for decades. Without his work, airplanes today simply wouldn’t be possible, and his legacy today is being celebrated in a unique way with Junkers Watches.

Junkers Watches was founded by Willi Birk more than 25 years ago and was inspired by the work of Hugo Junkers. The timepieces that he produces bring to mind the look of the instrument dials on vintage aircraft and reflect the minimalist modern design sensibilities of the Bauhaus movement. All of the watches feature high quality movements, such as Citizen Miyota 9132 26-jewel caliber components. Durable materials like stainless steel cases and crystal faces make the watches capable of standing the test of time. As a special finishing touch, Junkers Watches all have names that relate to either German design or aviation history. The brand offers timepieces for both men and women.

Junkers Watches are available for purchase directly from the brand’s site, the Original Junkers Shop. Prices for the watches start at around €180 and range to upwards of €500. The brand stands behind their timepieces with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Orders can be shipped worldwide, and shipping is free to locations in the European Union. You can shop their collection of unique men’s and women’s watches at the online store.

(Picture by Junkers Watches)

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  1. Loved this blog, I am thinking to buy a junkers g38 watch and after reading blog, I will definitely buy one.

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