Kapten & Son Watches: Timeless, Yet Contemporary

When you hear the word “captain,” you can’t help but think of a grizzled sailor standing on the deck of his ship, holding firmly to the helm and battling on against bad weather. No matter how times change, the image of the ship captain remains eternally the same. The spirit of the sea and the timelessness of the captains that pilot ships across it is perfectly captured in Kapten & Son Watches, a brand made for modern men and women yet still rooted in classic designs.

Kapten & Son Watches is a German watchmaker company that offers timepieces built to exacting quality designs, just as you’d expect from watches built in Germany. Swiss movement systems power the watches, and the cases are made from the finest quality materials. All Kapten & Son Watches features a simple, sophisticated dial design with bar markers, two-hand motion and the brand’s anchor logo. The simplicity of the designs makes them perfectly suited for casual and dressy occasions alike.

Anchor Your Loved Ones

While Kapten & Son Watches would look at home on the wrist of a man or woman from virtually any generation, the timepieces are clearly meant for those with modern taste. That’s because these timepieces are meant to be continuously reinvented by changing between the brand’s many genuine leather and high quality nylon canvas straps. The selection of colours includes vibrant patterns and playful colours that bring an on-trend look to the otherwise timeless, traditional designs.

Kapten & Son Watches are currently available for purchase at the brand’s website as well as from select retailers. We hope to be able to offer Kapten & Son watches in our watch collection in the nearest future.

(Video & Picture from Kapten & Son)

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2 thoughts on “Kapten & Son Watches: Timeless, Yet Contemporary

  1. Ethan Hunt says:

    Ok, so you are not signing a treaty, you are not flying at Mach 2, and you are not fifty meters underwater in a shark cage. You just want a casual, everyday watch, and you do not want to spend your life savings on it.

  2. This is really helpful post and very informative there is no doubt about it. I found this one pretty fascinating and it should go into my collection. Very good work!

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