Karlex Watches: Timepieces Inspired by Sweden

Sweden is well known for being a center for modern design, but when you get away from the cities and head toward the coasts, you discover beautiful towns with picturesque views of the sea where people are leading simple ways of life. Karlex watches are inspired by the simplicity of life on the Swedish West Coast and reflect the conventions of Scandinavnian modern minimalism, making them truly unique watches for men.

Karlex watches feature classic mechanical movements that are assembled by hand using traditional techniques. All of the timpieces that bear the brand name have skeleton dials that reveal the innerworkings of the watch, making them parts of the timepieces that are functional and fashionable as well. To keep the emphasis on the gears and cogs, the watches have very simplistic dial designs with minimalist bar markers and slim hands. Dial colors include silver, gold and black, giving men the freedom to choose a single color or two-tone watch design. Cases in yellow gold or silver tones balance the look of the watch, and the timepieces are finished with genuine leather straps in brown or black.

Currently, Karlex watches are available for purchase at select retailers and directly from the manufacturer at their e-commerce store. The watches retail for anywhere between $200 and $300, making them much more affordable than other luxury timepieces on the market. As a result, Karlex timepieces are an excellent choice for men who want distinctive watches that don’t cost a fortune.

Karlex – Watches created to make a statement!

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