Karlskrona Watches: New World Meets Old World

What do you get when you combine American style with Swedish design? Something remarkable! You can see evidence of the collision between modern American sensibilities and Swedish craftsmanship exemplified in every detail of the timepieces from The Karlskrona Watch Company. The unique combination of style and craftsmanship comes from the founder, an American of Swedish descent who spent a lot of his formative years with his Swedish grandmother.

The Karlskrona Watch Company watches feature a distinctive, sporty look that makes them indicative of other American diver watches, but the timepieces stand out due to their impressive level of quality and a number of small details. Built to withstand the effects of water up to 300 meters deep, the diver watches feature automatic movements and have 120 click rotating ceramic bezels. For durability, the watches feature AR coated domed sapphire mineral glass, and their cases are constructed only from 316L stainless steel. The brand offers both metal bracelet style watches, and timepieces that feature classic nylon NATO straps.

Both timepieces offered by The Karlskrona Watch Company are presently only available for preorder. They can be reserved at The Karlskrona Watch Company official website. The NATO strap version called the Karlskrona Watch Co. Baltic Shield Dive Watch retails for $325, while the metal bracelet version called the Karlskrona Watch Co. Treudd Dive Watch sells for $475. Both watches come with matte black or anthracite grey dials. The timepieces are set to ship in September 2015.

(Picture by Karlskrona Watches)

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