Klasse 14: Best in Class Watches With Broad Appeal

There is no one single watch design that appeals universally to each and every man. Some men prefer the pared down look of modern minimalism. Others like a more ornate, elegant design. There are gents who prefer colourful timepieces that stand out and men who like rugged watches that are sporty in their appearance.

Most watch brands today focus on appealing to just one set of tastes, but a new watchmaking company is taking a different approach by offering something for everyone. That company is Klasse 14, a Korean watch manufacturer that will celebrate the anniversary of their first year in business in August 2015.

In the Klasse 14 collection, men will find watches that are contemporary, classic, sporty, vintage-inspired and futuristic. No matter what type of watch the brand is manufacturing, they manage to pull off the style perfectly. The secret to their success at crossing style lines is collaboration. When introducing a new timepiece, Klasse 14 teams up with different designers, artists and celebrities, allowing them to bring their own unique vision to designs. As a result, each Klasse 14 has its own unique personality. The watches are produced in small batches for limited periods of time, allowing for a high degree of quality control.

Despite their impressive level of quality, Klasse 14 timepieces are economically priced. The watches sell from $150 to $250 and are available for purchase directly from Klasse 14 at the Korean manufacturer’s online store.

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