Know Your Gaxs Watches

Swedish watchmaker Gaxs Watches is changing the world of designer timepieces, taking a luxury approach to design while still offering men’s watches at an affordable price. The Gaxs collection includes a number of styles, and we sometimes get questions about what the differences between them are. Here’s a quick guide to help you tell them apart!

  1. The Adam Smith. This timepiece has a 40-millimeter polished silver toned stainless steel case and a minimalistic white dial with silver bar markers. You can purchase it with a black or brown leather strap.
  2. The Oliver Sand. The Oliver Sand has the same stainless steel case and strap options as the Adam Smith. The difference between the two is that the Oliver Sand has a black dial.
  3. The William S. The William S. is another variation on the silver toned stainless steel case you’ll find in the designs of the Oliver Sand and the Adam Smith, except it has a midnight blue dial and is only available with a black leather strap.
  4. The Duane Tomson. The Duane Tomson substitutes a silver sun ray dial for the white dial of the Adam Smith, and it comes with a black leather strap.
  5. The Mr. Jackson. The Mr. Jackson has the exact same dial and case as the Duane Tomson, but a brown leather strap is used in place of the black.
  6. The Jamming Joe. The Jamming Joe is very different from the other watches in the collection. It features a black coloured case in matte and polished finishes. The timepiece has a black dial and is available with a variety of bands.

Now that you know the difference between the most popular Gaxs watches, you’re ready to shop the collection. You’ll find all of these styles here at Watch Bandit for competitive prices. Check our selection now!

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