LMTLS: Free Yourself of Limitation

Within an onslaught of sophisticated, stylish watches that lacked an accessible price range, LMTLS was born. Taking the expensive nature out of luxury watches is their goal, and now they are bringing that goal to life, knowing that elegance and beauty shouldn’t cost you your life savings. Anything you want out of a watch is made possible through them; the options now truly are limitless.

The founders of LMTLS, pronounced “limitless,” started their business with a simple end goal in mind: to produce a high quality, fashionable watch at a convenient price. Inspired by the landscape and culture of New Zealand, the brand’s homeland, LMTLS takes the beautiful green scenery of the country and translates that into the 100% natural wood bezel found in their timepieces. The look and feel of the watches stand for the high quality standards that New Zealand has become known for. Over the last year, they have worked with a highly-ranked international watch manufacturer along with a local designer to fuse those two qualities together into the perfect timepiece.

Their aim is to craft elegant watches that are inexpensive, creating a “win-win” situation for both the brand and their customers. In this way, their customers receive incredible products for an affordable price and spread the name of the company to help continue to grow their brand. They know that anything is possible, and with their customer base supporting them, they can be truly limitless in the way that they expand.

Based on the belief that every person is capable of doing extraordinary things, LMTLS believes the same about themselves. All that is needed to achieve a goal is planning and execution, and that is exactly what LMTLS embodies. These watches are for the dreamers–the entrepreneurs who have goals the size of the sun. Therefore, when creating the brand, LMTLS wanted to give something that their backers could believe in. They wanted to transfer their deeply held beliefs and values into a product. Thus, LMTLS was created, and holds no end, boundary or limit.

LMTLS intends to launch their company through crowdfunding on Kickstarter. After a previously unsuccessful attempt, they are launching another campaign in two weeks. They will sell their watches for $60.00 once they reach their goal.

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