Lonville: A Test of Time

Unlike mass produced watches that unfortunately fall into a cookie-cutter mold, Lonville watches are produced on a project-to-project basis, ensuring the watch enthusiast gets the quality and luxury he is expecting every time. By waiting until they are ordered, they can craft a watch that has everything the customer wants in a timepiece, made to perfection to their specifications. Say good bye to the typical watches that everyone else has and say hello to Lonville timepieces.

With the company dating as far back as 1873, a man named Johann Kottman established a watch movement that only had a mere 80 workers. Over time he then recruited watch experts from the popular watchmaking country, Switzerland, and started up a program that provided schooling and housing for its workers. This caused the business to boom, turning into one of the largest watch factories by the end of the 1800s with over 800 workers.

Lonville is most famous for its pocket watches, of course, but soon, under the praise of importer Harry Rodman, they began making wristwatches. Rodman claimed they were the best watches money could buy due to their durability and reliability as well as being manufactured completely inside of Switzerland.

From there, Lonville became one of the most famous brands for pocket watches, and soon, wrist watches. They produced a number of lines and styles, including a decorated line for women. Sadly, during the 1950s, Lonville began to put more focus on their other brands, namely Lanco, and attention to Lonville production fell to the wayside. This left many to wonder–what would have become of Lonville had that never happened? With this question at hand, the company moved forward fifty years later to reignite the love of these classic watches.

Lonville Available from many fine retailers. Take a look at their website to find out more about these elegant watches and truly find the timepiece that would best suit them.

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