Maéstro Watch Co Makes Sweet Music with Kickstarter Campaign

Maestro. The word makes you think of the conductor taking to the podium to lead the symphony in what promises to be a moving performance that will treat the audience to the sweetest of melodies and harmonies. There truly couldn’t be a better name for the Maéstro Watch Co, a new micro brand that has succeeded in masterfully creating a line of timepieces with timeless appeal that is as sweet to the eye as a symphony is to the ear.

The concept behind Maéstro Watch Co is that luxury quality watches that are handcrafted don’t have to cost a fortune. The brand uses only premium components like Ronda Swiss movement systems, sapphire crystal, stainless steel cases and leather and stainless steel mesh bands. Every watch is assembled by hand, and there are four different looks currently offered in the collection. By keeping the dials simple and sleek, Maestro has managed to make their watches easy to style with dressy and casual fashions for maximum versatility.

At the time when this blog post was written, the Maéstro Watch Co had already managed to reach their goal of $7,725 on kickstarter. In fact, with 15 days left to the close of the campaign, it seems that the company could actually double the amount that they asked for, as they had already earned more than $13,000 in pledges from over 160 backers. It will be interesting to see exactly how much more the campaign receives before it closes on 29 August 2015 and what will be next from this masterful brand.

(Picture & Video by Maéstro Watch Co)

3 thoughts on “Maéstro Watch Co Makes Sweet Music with Kickstarter Campaign

  1. Marty says:

    I received a Maestro watch last year. Within a week it quit working. I was assured by a FB Message it would be replaced.
    This was on September 1. I have heard nothing. Below is the message I received.

    I apologize for the delay in response we try and reply through email as quickly as possible to all inquiries. We are currently sold out of the Lusso model but I can arrange to have fulfillment send out a black and silver Classico to replace your damaged timepiece. Whenever you have a moment please send your shipping address through this messenger and I will ensure the new watch is sent out with this weeks fulfillment.

    My shipping address was given. May I please get a replacement?

    1. Mick says:

      thanks for sharing your experience here at WatchBandit, I hope it works out with the replacement

  2. CK says:

    Note by Team WatchBandit the watch was not purchased at WatchBandit, we only sell qualitative mechanical watches.

    I ordered a Maestro Diver 1 watch this year…Took 3 weeks to get but that is not my issue with this company. They have very poor communication on receiving your order or putting any information on their website about how long it may take to receive your watch. The watch looks very good but upon further inspection, you start noticing things like the bracelet is not of good quality (very tinny & light, clasp looks cheap), there was something not right to my eye with the inner edge of the bezel and it was a little loose feeling (a lot of give when you push down on it). I read a review that these kept pretty good time, but mine is 5 minutes late per day; happens every time I reset the time, which is another issue because the crown if really loose and if you press on the crown a little the second hand stops. I wore it out one night and it lost 15 minutes in 3 hours. I emailed both email addresses for Maestro regarding my issue on 3/11 and resent on 3/18 with no response. Their website says to allow 24 hours for response, which is a joke. I would not recommend this watch or buying anything from this company due to their customer service.

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