perlon deployment clasp strap

Make a perlon into a nice, light, breathable deployment clasp strap

Here’s a brief guide made by Daniel Smith ‘how to’ to make a perlon into a nice, light, breathable deployment clasp strap that’s much less fiddly to take on and off and has no loose strap ends.

1) You need an appropriately sized perlon strap, a cheap double-fold divers clasp (c.f. Otto Frei, Cousins, etc), a small hot glue gun, a spring bar tool, and about 5 mins.

2) Slide the factory buckle off the perlon, and secure the flap with a small dot of hot glue.

3) Once the glue has set enough, secure the perlon with a spring bar to the short end of the diver strap.

4) Thread the perlon through the watch bars.

5) Roughly size how far around the buckle the perlon needs to go, and fold it at that point.

6) Mount the perlon to the long end of the diver clasp, and size it more precisely. Once you’re 100% comfortable, trim it and hot glue it to size.

7) The clasps have 3 spring bar holes, which allows you a reasonable degree of micro adjustment once the strap is sized.

8) Et voila! Secure, comes on and off in seconds, no loose ends, but all the benefits of perlon.

A big thanks to ‎Daniel Smith for this fantastic perlon strap guide.

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