Make Your Own Watch with The Evarii Modular Watch

The interchangeable watch has been tried to an extent, mostly by fashion labels like Peugeot. The idea behind interchangeable watches is to allow a wearer to customize the look of a watch to suit their mood, their outfit and the occasion. In the past, interchangeable watches have normally been sold with multiple bezels or straps, allowing wearers to alter one aspect of the design.

Now, there is a whole new type of interchangeable watch on the market that is making it possible to completely reinvent a timepiece from scratch on any given day. The Evarii Modular Watch is this unique new approach to the interchangeable watch design.

The is being hailed as the world’s first truly modular timepiece. Unlike conventional interchangeable watches, this timepiece comes apart completely with separate cases, dials, bezels and bands. When you first buy The Evarii Modular Watch, you get one of each piece, and then you can buy an unlimited number of spare cases, dials, bezels and bands for mixing and matching.

Currently in the final production stages, The Evarii Modular Watch is being introduced through a Kickstarter campaign. The initial line includes 10 mechanical dials and five quartz dials, five cases, 10 bezels and 10 different straps. The company intends to keep releasing new parts every season. At this moment, the Kickstarter campaign had 28 days left to raise the campaign goal of $40,000 and had already made $14,040 from 72 backers.

(Picture by Evarii watch)

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