Making a Classic Statement with Joel Wade Watches

In the world of modern watches, most watchmakers seem to believe that attempting to design the next big thing is the only way to go. They spend their time trying to stay ahead of the timepiece curve forever, delivering watches that do not appeal to the classic styles and refined tastes you have grown to love and trust. Joel Wade Watches believes that while some may call their style of classic watches “old-fashioned,” they are rooted in the highest level of sophistication.

With an emphasis on class and elegance, Joel Wade Watches is striving to bring back the timeless design appeal of a timepiece that allows a man to make a bold statement about himself and who he is without ever speaking a word. Using the highly accurate and efficient Japanese quartz movement, these timepieces are as beautiful inside as they are on their exterior. 316L Surgical stainless steel casing makes up the body of the watch which connects to your wrist with genuine high-grade leather straps. It is water resistant, so that you do not need to worry about minor splashes that you might get from washing your hands, making this watch sleek and convenient.

To make sure they bring this classic appeal back into the watch market, Joel Wade Watches is using crowdfunding on Kickstarter to reach the necessary monetary goal. At the time of writing, the campaign has not gone live, but the goal to bring this dream into reality is a mere $6,000. You can find a look book collection on their Kickstarter page.

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