Maybe Third Times a Charm for B & A Watches

When you have a dream, you don’t let failures make you give up. You assess what went wrong. You change your strategy. You rethink your way forward. Then, you try again. Baheer Wazir of Leeds in the United Kingdom is a perfect example of a man with a dream that he’s not willing to compromise. The founder of B & A Watches, Wazir has tried twice to launch a line of watches through Kickstarter and has been unsuccessful. Now, he’s back with a brand new concept that could just be the one to go big.

This time, Wazir is trying a brand new approach to watch design with the B & A Watches Slim Watch. What makes this timepiece unique is that it is truly a unisex watch. The timepiece has a very slim band that suits a woman’s wrist, but it’s still proportioned to look masculine. Offered in three fashionable color choices, the timepiece has a Swiss movement

timekeeping system and a minimalist mod face. There are three different styles of hour markers available, too, which is a unique feature.

Currently, B & A Watches seems well on their way to successfully launching the Slim Watch. With 28 days remaining of their kickstarter campaign until the deadline of 25 October 2015, the brand had already made $2,078 toward an overall goal of $7,699. There were still many prime rewards available for those who want to be the first to own the B & A Watches Slim Watch.

(Picture by B & A Watches)

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