McDowell Time Introduces WWI Inspired Watch

During World War I, Allied soldiers were issued trench watches to wear in the field in order to coordinate their efforts during tactical maneuvers. While these watches were built for performance and reliability, they also capture the character of the design trends of the times and are coveted today for their distinctive style. Now, one new watch micro brand, McDowell Time, is drawing inspiration from these vintage watches to create stylish, practical modern timepieces.

Inspired by authentic WWI watches, the new McDowell Time Delray Watch is truly impressive. The watches have the aesthetic appeal of vintage watch designs but are powered by a state-of-the-art movement system. Called the Seiko YT57, the movement has an automatic movement system that stores energy and then powers a quartz movement system, giving you the benefit of both types of movements in one sleek design.

The new McDowell Time Delray Watch is being brought to the market through a Kickstarter campaign. The watchmaker has set a funding goal of $25,000, and at the time that this blog post was written, had received more than $15,000 in pledges from over 45 backers. With 22 days still remaining in the campaign, McDowell Time seems poised to reach their funding goal. Those who contribute to the campaign can receive a DelRay watch at a reduced price. The watches have already sold out at the McDowell Time website for presales, making the Kickstarter campaign the only way to get one of these unique timepieces at the present time.

(Picture & Video by McDowell Time)

One thought on “McDowell Time Introduces WWI Inspired Watch

  1. Peter clahr says:

    This is probably the only reproduction WW1 watch I could find. I bought 2 different reproduction WW1 watches with shrapnel protective screens from Colonial Littleton several years ago. They longer carry these and I could find no similar items is the internet.

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